Rebeca holds a M.Sc. in Clinical Dietetics, and is a trusted member of the British Health Professional Council (UK Registered Dietitian) and the British Dietetic Association. She has over six years of clinical experience with the prestigious London hospitals The Portland, Harley Street Clinic, The Wellington and in several NHS Hospitals.
She has also been teaching corporate nutritional seminars in larger firms and been involved in several institutional health programmes in schools.

Rebeca spent a year in Africa volunteering for the WHO and UNICEF programmes, helping to combat malnutrition in children. Her work involved researching causes and prevention of malnutrition in children.

In order to continue with her volunteer work, she joined Save the Children in the London
Headquarters for a year, before entering the world of academic research at the prestigious
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, where she achieved a M.Sc. in Public Health
Nutrition. Following this, she continued her academic research at King’s College London in
conjunction with St. Thomas’ Hospital London, working on a national stroke research study, before
deciding to start her own nutritional consultancy company, REEN.

Currently Rebeca is a freelance consultant for London’s top private hospital group HCA international, while running her private consultancy.

Rebeca’s unique combination of academic and practical experience in the field of public health and nutrition has provided her with a wealth of knowledge, the ability to work flexibly and comfortably in a wide range of circumstances, a good understanding and sensitivity towards clients' needs,
and the ability to guide them in the right direction to achieve their goals in a healthy and
maintainable manner.

In her spare time she writes Nutrition & Wellness articles for lifestyle magazines.